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Corona lockdown delays new 500-krone banknotes

The widespread and extraordinary lockdown of society due to COVID-19 has led Danmarks Nationalbank to postpone the issue of the new 500-krone banknotes. One of the consequences of this may be that some ATMs may pay out other denominations than 500 kroner until the new banknotes are issued later this year.

The new banknotes have been printed in France and should have been delivered around this time. However, due to the lockdown of large parts of society in both France and Denmark, Danmarks Nationalbank has chosen to postpone the planned delivery until later in the year. Until then, it may not be possible to fully meet the demand for 500-krone banknotes.

The new 500-krone banknotes received by Danmarks Nationalbank later this year will have a number of new security features. The design and the colors are largely the same, but Danmarks Nationalbank has taken the opportunity to upgrade the security of the banknotes so that it will be even more difficult to produce counterfeit banknotes.

In the coming years, the other banknotes will also be issued in new, security-upgraded versions. Danmarks Nationalbank will offer more details about the new features of the banknotes immediately before they are sent into circulation.

Source: Danmarks National Bank

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