Corona lockdown delays new 500-krone banknotes
The widespread and extraordinary lockdown of society due to COVID-19 has led Danmarks Nationalbank to postpone the issue of the new 500-krone banknotes. One of the consequences of this may be that some ATMs may pay out other denominations than 500 kroner until the new banknotes are issued later this year. The new banknotes have more

Denmark to ban 500 euro notes after money laundering scandal Denmark
The 500 euro note will not be accepted for payments or currency exchange in Denmark in future as parliament reacted to a major banking scandal. A parliamentary majority is prepared to back a proposal to stop accepting the largest denomination of the euro in the Scandinavian country, which is not in the eurozone. The aim more

Denmark : The New Supplier Of Danish Banknotes Has Been Chosen Denmark
Following a tender process, Danmarks Nationalbank has chosen the French company Oberthur Fiduciaire SAS as its supplier of Danish banknotes from 2018. The contract has been signed as a four-year framework agreement, with the option that it may be extended for a further two years. The first Danish banknotes printed by Oberthur Fiduciaire are expected more