Zimbabwe to Introduce High Denomination Banknotes Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister has mentioned that a new set of banknotes ranging from $10 to $50 will be introduced within a couple of months to remove cash shortages. He was talking to the press while attending the 2020 World Economic Forum taking place in Davos, Switzerland. The government has also signed contracts to ensure maize more

Zimbabwe to Distribute new Banknotes Zimbabwe
The Central Bank of Zimbabwe will start distributing the new banknotes on Monday. The intention is to ease the severe cash shortage in a deepening economic crisis.  The new two and five dollar notes are expected to increase the overall money supply.  It also marks the return of the Zimbabwe dollar. In June the central more

Zimbabwe Unveils Features of New Banknotes Zimbabwe
The Government of Zimbabwe has revealed the two and five dollar notes under the Statutory Instrument 231 of 2019. The design of the notes are as follows: the obverse side of the two-dollar note and the five dollar-note will have the logos of the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe (the three balancing rocks), with a tactile more