Kenyans Desperate to Exchange Banknotes Before the ban Kenya
Scenes of despair and pressure were witnessed in Kenya during the last few weeks as the ban of old 1,000 shilling notes comes closer. Those who had stocked their fortunes are desperate to offload the cash as soon as possible. Hoarders buying a luxury Mercedes with 1,000 shilling notes in cash are some of the more

No Extension of Deadline for Kenya’s old Note Kenya
Kenya’s Central bank governor Patrick Njoroge has announced that the deadline for the withdrawal of the old  Sh 1,000 notes will not be extended. The notes will no longer be a legal tender from the September 30th. The CBK governor has launched a campaign called, “Exchange Sh 1,000 notes now” to help educate the public more

Central Bank of Kenya Launches New Generation Banknotes Kenya
The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has issued New Generation banknotes that are consistent with 2010 Constitution. The design elements have been selected from suggestions put forward by both the Constitution and the public. The new banknotes are meant to serve as a ‘means of passing knowledge, conserving culture and promoting global uniqueness.’ Some of more

CBK caps new coins issuance Kenya
The Central Bank of Kenya has decided to issue new coins to SH100 per customer. On the new coins launched on December 11 last year, it is required to have more public awareness as said in the circular to chief executives of commercial banks and microfinance banks. Arguing of the public participation on the images more