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Philippine Peso Bills to have More Security Features

The Governor of the Central Bank of the Philippines has announced more security features for the new generation currency banknotes by next year.  By the first quarter of 2020, the bank will add new security features such as upgraded window security thread with unique color and design per denomination, anti-copy, and anti-scanning features.
The new notes will also have tactile marks to help the visually-impaired and the elderly. The anti-copying and anti-scanning features are measures to deter counterfeit.

The latest notes will have the following security features:

  • Embossed prints that feel rough to touch are added to the signatures of the Philippine President and the BSP Governor.
  • Asymmetric serial number.
  • Embedded red and blue security fibers.
  • Watermark of the portrait with the corresponding value of denomination.
  • See-through mark of “PHILIPINO” written in Baybayin.
  • Concealed value of the denomination is visible when rotated and tilted down.
  • Embedded thread across the note becomes visible when held against the light.

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