Argentina 5 pesos – Until March 31 Argentina
Remember that if you have any Billete5Pesos you have time until March 31 to deposit it in your account or trade it for other notes and coins in any bank.All banking entities are required to receive it whether or not you are a customer.There are already more than 138 million Currency 138 Pesos in circulation more

Argentina’s new Banknotes to have Gender Parity Argentina
The President of the Central Bank of Argentina has signed an agreement to print new banknotes with national heroes as central figures. In addition to this, they have also agreed to have gender parity. The images of the heroes both men, and women, will replace the animal figures in the existing notes. The Chamber of more

Argentina’s AR 5 Banknote Withdrawal Postponed
The Central Bank of Argentina Republic (Banco Central De La Republica Argentina - BCRA) has decided to postpone the withdrawal of AR 5 notes from the circulation for a month. The notes can be used for transactions in Argentina until February 29, 2020. The measure taken allows businesses to ease all transactions in the financial more