Egypt to issue polymer banknotes in June for 1st time
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is planning on implementing a decision to issue polymer EGP 10 banknotes in June. This coincides with the inauguration of the new printing house in the New Administrative Capital in June, Khaled Farouk added to the local private newspaper.  Polymer banknotes are known for being more durable and harder more

New polymer banknotes of 10 pounds and 20 pounds. Egypt
The Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt informed that new material will be added to the paper material to prolong its life, namely in the 10 and 20-pound categories. He indicated that the new banknotes would be printed at the Central Bank’s printing house in the New Administrative Capital next year. Source: see news more

LE10 plastic note not to replace old one: Egypt’s central bank Egypt
Egypt will issue its LE10 plastic note as soon as the New Administrative Capital’s printing facilities start working, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Gamal Negm said. This came during a meeting of the House of Representatives Economic Affairs Committee, to discuss the observations of the Legislative Department of the Council of State on a draft more

Egypt to Issue Environmentally Friendly Banknotes Egypt
The Central Bank of Egypt is gearing to start the production of environmentally friendly banknotes once they relocate to their new headquarters in Egypt’s new administrative capital. They will launch a cash printing facility with the latest machines. The Central Bank will begin by printing a polymer note LE 10 note. Polymer banknotes are considered more