Nepal changed the elephant picture on 1,000-rupee notes Nepal
Nepal Rastra Bank issued 1,000-rupee notes in a new design that has a picture of twin elephants on the back. The decision to change the designs of the highest-denomination banknote of the country came after the elephant on the old 1,000-rupee notes was identified to be an African elephant and questions were raised for the more

Nepal Central Bank to Publish new Banknotes for Dashain Nepal
Nepal Rastra Bank (NPB), the central regulatory and monetary authority, will distribute new banknotes on the occasion of Dashain from mid-September. The distribution date for the festive season is yet to be finalized.  The central bank will circulate new notes of different denominations worth almost Rs 14 million for the festive season this year. Once more

Nepal’s central bank announces ban of Indian notes above ₹100. Nepal
Indian currency of denominations 200, 500,& 2,000, cannot be carried and used for trading according to Nepal Rastra Bank. This could affect Indian tourists visiting the Himalayan nation, where the Indian currency is widely used. A circular was issued by Nepal Rastra Bank on Sunday were Nepali travelers, banks and financial institutions from holding or more

Nepal bans Indian currency notes above Rs 100 Nepal
The Nepal Government has asked its citizens to restrain from keeping new Indian note of Rs 2,000, Rs 500 and Rs 200 denominations. The citizens were asked not to carry  Indian banknotes higher than Rs 100 denominations as the higher denomination notes have not been legalised. This will affect the Indian tourists and Nepali people more