Argentina’s President-Elect Regrets that Animals Replace Heroes Argentina
Argentinian President-elect Alberto Fernandez regrets that native species replaced the leading heroes and personalities of Argentine history. He plans to take the animals out and replace them with writers, politicians,  and heroes. In 2016, the Central Bank of Argentine circulated a new ‘series’ of banknotes with images of the native fauna of Argentine.  The 500 more

Argentina’s Five Peso Bills to stop circulating by 2020 Argentina
One of the worst designs in Argentinian currencies, the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) will take the 5 Peso bills out of circulation by February 2020. The other factors that contributed to this decision were the strength of the dollar against foreign currencies and the rising inflation in Argentina.  Citizens are allowed to more

The BCRA launched the new $ 100 bill Argentina
The new bill of 100  pesos was put into circulation by the Central Bank of Argentine Republic (BCRA) with the image of Taruca, an indigenous deer that constitutes the emblem of the Argentine Northwest. This ticket will be distributed with the same value currently in circulation through the entire network of bank branches from December more