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Macao will issue new MOP banknotes

Xinhua News Agency, Macao, May 4 (Reporter Wang Chenxi) The Macao SAR Executive Council on the 4th completed discussions on the draft administrative regulations on the licensing of two new note-issuing banks in Macau to launch a new series of banknotes, marking that Macau will issue new MOP banknotes.
According to the Executive Council, “Licensing Bank of China Co., Ltd. to issue MOP, II, WU, YB, YB, and YB banknotes” and “Licensing Atlantic Bank Co., Ltd. to issue MOP The two draft administrative regulations, Yuan, Ershiyuan, Wushiyuan, Yibaiyuan, Wubaiyuan, and Yiyuanyuan, allow each bank to issue banknotes with a total amount of MOP 37.7 billion.

Since the banknotes previously issued by the two note-issuing banks have been in use for many years, the SAR Government has approved the two note-issuing banks to launch a new series of notes to increase the level of anti-counterfeit features of MOP banknotes. According to the plan, the banknotes issued by the Bank of China will present the diverse cultural characteristics of Macau and demonstrate the profound historical heritage and rich cultural connotation of Macau. Banknotes issued by Atlantic Bank will be themed with maps of Macau from different eras, highlighting the evolution of the territory of Macau over the centuries over the years.

  The draft will be formally promulgated as an administrative regulation after the Chief Executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region agrees to sign it. After taking effect, the SAR Government will instruct the issuing bank to prepare for the subsequent printing and issuance of new banknotes. The specific date and arrangement will be announced separately.
Source: Teller Report

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