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Central Bank of Kenya Launches New Generation Banknotes

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has issued New Generation banknotes that are consistent with 2010 Constitution. The design elements have been selected from suggestions put forward by both the Constitution and the public. The new banknotes are meant to serve as a ‘means of passing knowledge, conserving culture and promoting global uniqueness.’ Some of the features included are:

  1. It bears the image of Kenyatta International Conference Center, the most iconic and recognisable landmarks.
  2. It embodies five big animals: nyati (buffaloes), chui (leopard), Kifaru (rhinoceros), simba (lion), and ndovu (elephant).
  3. It also has a unique theme to represent the richness of the people and the nature.

The Newly Reborn and Prosperous Kenya is represented as follows:

(i) Fifty Shillings - Green Energy

(ii) One Hundred Shillings - Agriculture

(iii) Two Hundred Shillings - Social Services

(iv) Five Hundred Shillings - Tourism

(v) One Thousand Shillings - Governance

The new notes are also made to assist the visually impaired. CBK plans to roll out awareness campaigns to educate the public about the features of the banknotes.

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