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Central Bank announces that it will launch R $ 200 note in August

The Central Bank reported that the National Monetary Council (CMN) approved the launch of the R $ 200 note, which will feature the maned wolf.

According to the institution, the new banknote is expected to enter into circulation at the end of August, and the forecast is that 450 million banknotes of R $ 200 will be printed in 2020. It is the first time in 18 years that the real has won a banknote. new value . The announcement of the launch of the new note sparked several memes on social media .

The Central Bank’s Administration Director, Carolina de Assis Barros, said that the new ballot is still in the final stage of printing tests and that “good international practice” recommends that the elements of the ballot are not revealed until it is ready.

Therefore, he said, no image of the new R $ 200 bill was released - which will be done at the end of August. Currently, there are six types of banknotes in circulation: R $ 2, R $ 5, R $ 10, R $ 20, R $ 50 and R $ 100.

Carolina Barros stated that the institution is attentive to the population’s demand for more circulating means. “If [demand] exists, we need to meet it. We don’t know how long this additional demand for money will last,” he declared.

According to her, in times of uncertainty, as currently, during the coronavirus pandemic, people tend to withdraw and accumulate money. “This is not a phenomenon in our country, and it has generated a significant increase in demand in printing houses,” he declared.

According to the director, the National Monetary Council authorized this Wednesday (29) the amount of R $ 113.4 million for printing 450 million R $ 200 notes and 170 million R $ 100 notes.

The BC director stated that the printing of new bills is not related to inflation. “We have a target system. At the moment, inflation is low, stable, and controlled,” he said.

According to Carolina Barros, the Central Bank conducted a survey in 2001 and selected a list of images of animals threatened with extinction for the ballots.

“As with other bills, it has robust security elements that are capable of protecting against counterfeiting. The higher the value, the greater the concern,” said the director.

Presentation image made by the Central Bank Administration director, Carolina de Assis Barros, about the new R $ 200 note - Photo: Reproduction / Central Bank

Presentation image made by the Central Bank Administration director, Carolina de Assis Barros, about the new R $ 200 note.

This month, the government spent an extra R $ 437 million for printing banknotes, with the goal of printing an additional R $ 100 billion in paper money.

According to the economic area, the new coronavirus crisis was one of the reasons for the increase in demand. The pandemic led people to “hoard” resources at home, that is, to keep reserves on banknotes.

Another reason pointed out is the need to face the payment of emergency aid - estimated at more than R $ 160 billion considering the five installments approved. A large number of beneficiaries, especially those with lower income, preferred to withdraw the benefit in kind.

Source: Globo

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