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The enhanced cedi notes to go into circulation from today

The enhanced version of GHc10, GHc20 and GHc50 notes are to be circulated from today by Bank of Ghana. Both the old and new version of notes can be used until the old ones are worn out. New features included are a gold stripe, a watermark, a security thread and a colour changing spark live. With the denomination value staying still, a star expands and contracts when the note is tilted. When viewed against the light the image of Tetteh Quarshie with a cocoa pod can be seen on the plain star area of the banknote, which is visible on both sides. At the back of the banknote, there is an enhanced iridescent band, a golden band with gold bars that run from top to bottom.

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  • Recently Ghana released two more notes: GH¢100 and GH¢200. Though not contained in the press release, these notes also contain features for the visually impaired.


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