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Minister of Finance: issue of new banknotes next November

Finance Minister Ayman Ben Abderahman has revealed that the Bank of Algeria will issue new banknotes next November.

The Minister of Finance today announced the issuance of a new banknote of the 200 Algerian dinar class in addition to a new coin of the 200 Algerian dinar class.

Finance Minister Ayman Ben Abderahman said a new two thousand dinar banknote had been issued bearing photos of the six heroes who had conceived the Algerian revolution, and the paper on the second side also contains a photo of the tomb Imedghassen and Fogara Beni Foughil in Adrar.

The Minister of Finance confirmed that these pieces came to link Algeria and its people to the glorious revolution and to the Algerian origins which have deeply marked history.

As for the 200 dinar coin, the Minister of Finance said he was carrying a photo of the first guillotine martyr of the colonial period, martyr Ahmed Zabana.

Finally, the Minister of Finance commended the workers of the Bank of Algeria for their efforts in the exercise of these functions.

Source: Maghrebinfo

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