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Eastern Caribbean Central Bank launched new $50 polymer banknotes

During an event which is chaired by the Governor of the ECCB Timothy N.J. Antoine, and the Chairman of the ECCB Monetary Council, Grenadian Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell , a new 50 polymer banknotes was launched. Governor Antoine states that these new banknotes will be cleaner, safer and stronger. “The switch to polymer necessitated some changes to the designs of the notes in respect of technical and security specifications. However, even with these new design elements, we were careful to maintain a degree of familiarity for ease of use.“Very importantly, we have incorporated a feature [raised bumps] to make it easy for the blind and visually impaired to handle their money and their business,” he said. The $10, $20 and $100 polymer banknotes are to be launched in September 2019 while the five-dollar banknotes will be launched in September 2020.

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