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Central Bank of Sudan unveils new 100-pound.

Towards the end of February, the central bank of  Sudan has confirmed the production of new 100-pound bank note denomination. To reduce the shortage of bank notes in circulation & to lessen the need for greater amounts of smaller denominations in a single cash transaction, two additional banknote values of 200 and 500 pounds are introduced. With the official issue of the 100-pound bank note(equal in exchange to the U.S $2.10 at current rates), it would be Sudan’s largest value banknote in circulation till the 200 and 500-pound notes are released. The notes which were introduced in 2006 with the theme based on Sudanese civilization is similar to the notes presently in use. The central bank issued the Sudanese pound (2006) to replace the previous dinar issued in 1992, with an exchange of 100 dinars to one new pound.

With slight changes, a revised series of banknotes was issued (2011) referring to the southern portion of the country that gained independence during the same year (South Sudan). The central bank manages the printing of the new 100-pound bank note, which measures 148 by 66 millimeters. In the note, brown is a dominant color with corresponding under-print shades. Pyramids of the Kushite rulers at Meroe which is located in an ancient city on the east bank of the Nile is included in one side of the note. The backside of the note includes representing Sudan’s many dams, which is vital for managing the country’s water resources generating valuable energy.

Security features include a watermark where the image of the falcon head can be seen when held up against a light source. From the side face to the left of the primary design, a rectangular field can be seen which reveals CBS, when tilted. For the visually impaired, to the far right side of the note, a series of raised dots are used. To the left of these notes, a pyramid that changes color, when tilted can be seen. The notes are said to be released in February and March.

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