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Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to Issue Two-Dollar Bond Coin on Nov 11th

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has released a public notice announcing the issuance and circulation of a two-dollar bond coin along with the two-dollar bond note. The issuance of the two-dollar bond coin will take effect on 11 November 2019.

The features and characteristics of the two-dollar bond coin are as follows:

  • bi-metal with the outer rim made up of copper-nickel plate and the inner core being aluminum-bronze plate;
  • serrated rim profile with a groove and edge lettering;
  • inscribed with the words “Two Dollar Bond Coin” along with the numeral and symbol “2$” on the obverse side;
  • inscribed with the letters “RBZ” and the numeral “2018” on the reverse side. 

All the bond notes and bond coins are interchangeable with the two and five dollar banknotes issued in terms of Statutory Instrument 231 of 2019.

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