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Danmarks Nationalbank has issued new, updated 500-krone banknotes.

Danmarks Nationalbank has issued new, updated 500-krone banknotes. The new banknotes are very similar to the existing banknotes, but there are slight differences because several new security features have been added.

The existing banknotes are still valid and in circulation, so it is not necessary to exchange your banknotes.

In the coming years, new editions will also be issued of the rest of the Danish banknotes.

The new editions of the banknotes are the result of Danmarks Nationalbank’s decision in 2014 to close its printing press and outsource the printing of banknotes. The use of cash has been declining for a number of years. This has meant that it is no longer financially viable for Danmarks Nationalbank to operate its own printing press.

Danmarks Nationalbank is still responsible for supplying secure banknotes and coins even though it no longer handles the actual printing itself.

Danmarks Nationalbank’s website contains further information about how the new 500-krone banknotes differ from the existing notes as well as press photos. Danmarks Nationalbank will also be distributing a leaflet about the new banknotes to all households.

Source: Denmark Central Bank

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