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Bulgaria’s New 20 Levs on March 20, 2020

The Bulgarian National Bank will put new 20 Levs into circulation on March 20, 2020. The security features of the new note are:
Security Features Identifiable with Senses
On touch, we can feel:

  • the high-quality blue-tinted banknote paper
  • the raised print: the portrait of Stefan Stambolov, the inscriptions ‘Bulgarian National Bank’, ’20 Levs’ ‘the year of the issue’ and ‘the vignette at the upper part of the holographic stripe with figure 20 on it. 
  • Two raised vertically positioned circles of the bottom right on the obverse of the banknote and three thick and seven thin skew lines on the left and right sides of the obverse are the tactile features for the visually impaired.

When the banknote is held against the light, on both sides of the note:

  • Watermark: a high-resolution half-tone portrait of Stefan Stambolov on the obverse and the initials BNB
  • See-through register: rectangular chequered fields printed on both sides of the note to form the figure 20.
  • Security thread: a stripe woven into the paper and partially appearing on the reverse with BNB 20

When the note is tilted, we can see:

  • A holographic stripe on the left of the obverse side of the note with the following optical effects (top-down)
  • changing images of a lion and an eagle in the motion
  • a colored hologram portrait of Stefan Stambolov
  • images of a crowned lion rampant with dynamic effect and a tridimensional image of figure 20

Security Features Identifiable with Tools

1. Using a magnifying lens, one can see:

  • On the obverse: horizontal lines with the text Stefan Stambolov, 1854-1895, 20 Levs in the background on the left of the portrait. On the right, two vertical lines with the text ‘Stefan Stambolov’, figure 20, and 20 Levs
  • On the reverse, a field of vertical lines with figure 20 above the lion’s image and at the bottom right of the banknote

2. The infrared filter reveals,
on the obverse, the upper side of the diagonally split of Stefan Stambolov’s portrait, his signature, the upper part of figure 20 that is diagonally cut, serial numbers, tactile for the visually impaired, and the upper part of the text Bulgarian National Bank.

3. The fluorescence under the UV light: 

  • on the obverse: a fascia of figure 20 repeated and images of the lion rampant on the right of the holographic stripe that is red, the two serial numbers, the right side of the background elements, the see-through register and the signatures of the Governor and the Chief Cashier are in green.
  • on the reverse: the fragment of Orlov Most (Eagle’s Bridge) in red, Stefan Stambolov image in blue, and the lion rampant and the two figures 20 in yellow.

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