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Scotland to Release Three new Polymer £20 Banknotes

Within the next two weeks, Scotland will release three new polymer £20 banknotes into circulation. The Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale’s banknotes were released on 27th February 2020 and the Royal Bank of Scotland note is expected to release the note on 5th March 2020.

The Scottish £20 banknotes printed on polymer substrate is a first for Scotland. De La Rue has manufactured the notes in a common color and set of security features to help the public. 

All the banknotes contain a window that can be looked through, the embossed tactile feature to distinguish between different values for the visually impaired, micro text, colors that glow under UV light, and color-shifting metallic ink. Clydesdale and Bank of Scotland banknotes contain a holographic foil in their windows that features the statue Victory on top of the Mound building, and design themes such as Robert the Bruce and spiders are seen in the paper series of Clydesdale £20 and thistles and Sir Walter Scott in Bank of Scotland series. 

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