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Royal Bank of Scotland Launches £20 into Circulation on March 5th, 2020

The £20 is third in the series themed ‘Fabric of Nature’. The new £20 features images of red squirrels on the reverse along with the blackberry fruit. The red squirrels in £20 follow the mackerel in the sea on £5, and the otters on the shore on £10 series. 

The note also includes extracts from the 16th-century Scottish poet Mark Alexander Boyd’s work Cupid and Venus. It also has an image of Kate Cranston, the turn of the century entrepreneur who commissioned Charles Rennie Mackintosh to design her famous Glasgow tearoom.

Security features included are a see-through window, a tactile embossed feature for the visually blind for different values, micro text, colors that glow under UV light and an optically variable ink.

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