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Bolivia - New Bs 20 ticket will circulate from July

Continuing with the government policy of changing the face of the family of national currency bills and after the launching of the Bs 10 cut, the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) announced the presentation of the Bs 20 bill for next week.

Different elements and faces of historical figures from Bolivia are reflected in the new banknotes that little by little will circulate more frequently in the hands of Bolivians. After the change of Bs 10, in April, the director of the BCB, Gabriel Herbas, informed CORREO DEL SUR that in a few days the new design of the orange ticket will be known. About Bs 22 million will be monetized in this installment.

“Next week the 20 bolivianos bill will be launched. What must be pointed out is that the incorporation of new characters, new patrimonial sites and new elements that configure the format of the new banknotes allows the entry of characters from our history that were not inserted in our currency; today, they appear and highlight each of these components and regions of the country, “he said.

Although the design of the tickets that will replace the copies that show the jurist Pantaleón Dalence and the Golden House of Tarija is still unknown, it was announced that in this court will appear the faces of the revolutionary indigenous Tomás Katari; Genoveva Ríos, the girl who rescued the national flag during the Pacific War; and of the indigenous Moxeño Pedro Ignacio Muiba.

In replacement of Cecilio Guzmán Rojas and the monument to the Heroinas de la Coronilla, the new Bs 10 ticket contemplates the faces of José Santos Vargas “El Tambor Vargas”, Apiaguaiki Tüpa, Eustaquio Méndez “El Moto Méndez” and the Umajalanta cavern in Torotoro, and on its reverse to Isla de Pescado del Salar de Uyuni, the giant hummingbird and the puya raimondi.

While some received it without problems, others still doubt its safety, especially for the type of paper used. The traffic in Sucre is still scarce.

Consulted, Herbas said that on the contrary a “very good reception” of the ticket was seen, by its format and its characteristics, in addition to the security measures that gives confidence in the financial system. He also stressed that the substitution is gradual.

For a while, the appearance of the new issue was criticized by many and the idea of ​​leaving Guzmán de Rojas was transformed even into nostalgia that was also reflected in memes through social networks.

According to the highest financial institution in the country, the launch of these tickets will take place every three months.

Source: correodelsur

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