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The Central Bank of Bolivia issues the Bs100 Series “J”

The Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) put into circulation the Bs100 (one hundred Bolivians) of the “J” Series, starting on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, which has a new Safety Thread (1) of 4 mm wide, which has printed BCB next to the cut value and changes color from green to blue at tilt it.
According to the data provided, the “J” Series Bs100 ticket maintains the Safety measures of Series “I”, consisting of the Water Mark (2) which includes three elements: the image of the historical character, the point frame located next to it and the value of the ticket printed vertically.
Also, the Latent Image (3) , located on the front of the ticket, where the acronym BCB is observed when tilting it; the consistent Coincident Motif (4) in a geometric figure printed on the front and back of the ticket that you see backlight matches and fits perfectly; and High Relief Printing (5) in texts, numerals, images and bars.
The other security measures are the Fibrillas (6) , which are small threads of yellow, red, green and blue colors found on both sides of the ticket; Y the Iridescent Band (7) , of golden color, that is in the reverse of the the BCB, which are recognizable to the tilt it.
For this reason, the BCB held a workshop on Wednesday to train staff financial institutions, in order to familiarize them with the new financial characteristics of the “J” Series Bs100 ticket. In addition, information campaign so that the entire Bolivian population knows the characteristics of these notes.
Finally, the issuing entity reminds the general population that all previous series tickets are current.

Source: bcb

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