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Bank of China will soon issue a 100 Hong Kong dollars new banknote

Bank of China Limited (“BOC”) established its presence in Hong Kong on 24 September 1917. After a century of development, it has grown into a mainstream commercial banking group with the most extensive branch network and diversified service platform in Hong Kong, and is now developing into an internationalised regional bank. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Bank of China’s service to Hong Kong, Bank of China (Hong Kong) takes great pleasure in issuing its Centenary Commemorative Banknote (the “Commemorative Banknote”).

The HK$100 Commemorative Banknote is tinted mainly in red, an auspicious colour representing celebration. The front side of the Banknote features a famous local landmark — Bank of China Tower — superimposed by the image of the Bank of China Building, with the old Bank of China Hong Kong Branch and Bank of China Head Office in Beijing on the side. These buildings symbolise the glorious history of BOC’s centenary of service to Hong Kong. Also shown are the spectacular Great Wall of China and an ancient building pillar, which represent BOC’s strength. These images signify the contributions made by the Bank to maintain Hong Kong’s financial stability and promote its economic growth and prosperity. In addition, there is an antique gold coin embedded with the word “commemorate” written in Chinese Zhuan calligraphy (Seal Style), with the phrase “the BOC’s centenary of service to Hong Kong” adjacent to it.
The reverse side of the Commemorative Banknote features an image of a newspaper advertisement for the grand opening of the Bank of China Hong Kong Branch, which was upgraded from a sub-branch in 1919, and the logos of 12 of the member banks of the Bank of China Group in Hong Kong in 1983. There is also the first HKD banknote issued by BOC in 1994, depicting both sides of Victoria Harbour viewed from the Peak. The image of this first banknote is superimposed on the centre of the Commemorative Banknote. This special design tells the long and illustrious history of Hong Kong-based BOC and its service to the city over the past century. This memorable image is juxtaposed with the current skyline of Victoria Harbour and a modern container terminal. The combination of these new and historical images is a vivid reflection of how BOC has grown and prospered alongside Hong Kong. They also demonstrate that BOC has made great contributions to promoting Hong Kong’s economic and social development and strengthening its status as an international financial centre.

The Commemorative Banknote has multiple security features, including dynamic colour-changing pattern (antique coin), enhanced watermark (the Great Wall) and colour-changing windowed metallic thread.

Although the Commemorative Banknote is legal tender in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, it is not intended for general circulation. All the Commemorative Banknotes are packaged and sold at prices higher than their face values.

Bank of China (Hong Kong) strives to fulfil its corporate social responsibility and takes part in charitable activities in Hong Kong. In special honour of the centenary of Bank of China (Hong Kong), net proceeds generated from the sale of the Commemorative Banknote, after deducting all relevant costs, will be used for local community projects and charitable causes.

A total of 5,000,000 Commemorative Banknotes have been issued. They are packed as Single Note, 3-in-1 Uncut Notes and 30-in-1 Uncut Notes, for a total of 3,240,000 sets. We have also selected 388 Charity Sets of the Commemorative Banknote for public bidding. Details will be announced in due course.

Source: Bank of China Hong Kong

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