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RBF Launches Circulation Banknotes And Coins to Commemorate Fiji’s 50th Year of Independence

The Reserve Bank of Fiji has launched a commemorative $50 banknote and 50 cent coin to commemorate Fiji’s 50th year of independence. The commemorative currency was officially unveiled by the Honourable Prime Minister, Rear Admiral (Retired) Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama this evening at the Grand Pacific Hotel.

Work on the commemorative banknote and coin was initiated in November 2017 which included extensive collaboration between the Reserve Bank of Fiji and appointed banknote printer De La Rue, and the Royal Canadian Mint. The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji, Mr Ariff Ali remarked that “preliminary deliberations considered various options such as sports and the evolution of the domestic economy to feature on the commemorative special issues. As we aim to truly portray the significance of reaching our country’s golden jubilee, we finally settled on a theme that showcased Fiji’s diversity as an independent nation and emphasized on elements from its past and future.”

In unveiling the commemorative banknote and coin, the Honourable Prime Minister stated that “the new $50 banknote and 50 cent coin both symbolize our rich history and our renewed ambition for a brighter, more prosperous and more inclusive Fijian future”.

To ensure our children embrace the pride and joy of this historic milestone event, the Reserve Bank of Fiji in coordination with the Ministry of Education will provide to all school children in Fiji, a commemorative coin as a memento of Fiji’s golden jubilee.
In support of the Government’s on-going climate change initiatives, the Reserve Bank of Fiji in collaboration with De La Rue, has also pledged to offset carbon emissions from the production of the commemorative banknote, to assist in the construction of a seawall in one of the villages earmarked by government.

Governor Ali also highlighted that only a limited number of the commemorative banknote and coin have been produced, and will be issued into circulation from 8 October 2020 as legal tender. Given its special commemorative nature and the limited number produced, it is expected to be of value as collectors’ items both locally and abroad.
Special numismatic collector sets are now also available through the Reserve Bank.

Source: Reserve Bank of Fiji

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