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National Bank of Rwanda issues new 1000 and 500 Rwandan Francs.

In Rwanda, President Paul Kagame has endorsed a presidential order issuing new banknotes of One Thousand Rwandan Francs(Rwf 1000)and Five  Hundred Rwandan Francs(Rwf 500) as legal tender. The old bank notes (since 2015) will be replaced by the new banknotes announced by National Bank of Rwanda. The National Museum of Rwanda is presented on the main side of the note, to promote the Rwandan culture and history. On the counter side, to promote tourism, there is a monkey in the volcano national park.

The former design of the holographic band on the old Rwf1000 banknotes is replaced with a bright ring moving around a central point. A watermark of the coat of arms of the Republic of Rwanda and an electrotype representing the logo BNR below. The legal tender used in the country is Rwandan Franc, denoted by the ISO code RWF.

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