The city where they print wooden dollars to overcome the crisis due to COVID-19

The health crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic turned Tenino, Washington, into a ghost town, which is why its mayor rescued a measure that helped residents survive the Great Depression: printing their own dollars in wood.
Tenino became a ghost town with its businesses trying to survive the covid-19 pandemic so its authorities revived an unconventional idea from the last century: printing its own currency on thin wooden plates.

“There is no commerce, there are no sales and the streets are dead. It is the same at 3:00 pm as at 3:00 am,” said Wayne Fournier, mayor of that city of 1,800 inhabitants of the state of Washington, to the northwest from the United States. “We were receiving many calls from companies that told us they were not sure we could continue,” he told AFP.

Since the city museum has a printer dating back to the 1890s, they used it to make $ 10,000 out of wooden rectangles , each with a face value of $ 25. The bill has an image of President George Washington and a Latin expression that translated into English means “We have it under control.”

Source: Semana

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