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The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) from April 27, 2018 introduced UAH 1 and UAH 2 coins, the central bank has said on its website.

The NBU said that these coins will be in circulation jointly with the old UAH 1 coin and UAH 1 and UAH 2 banknotes.

“Ukrainian will be able to pay using the new coins synchronously with the UAH 1 and UAH 2 banknotes for the unlimited period of time. The NBU will not remove UAH 1 and UAH 2 banknotes from circulation, and eventually the coins would fully replace the damaged and worn down banknotes,” Director of the money circulation department at the NBU Viktor Zaivenko said.
As reported, the NBU intends to stop printing UAH 1, UAH 2, UAH 5, UAH 10 banknotes and replace them with coins.

The NBU said that that UAH 1 and UAH 2 coins will be put into circulation on April 27, 2018, UAH 5 and 10 UAH coins will be introduced under a separate decision of the NBU.
The first issue of UAH 1 and 2 coins will be 5 million pieces of each denomination. They will be put into the market along with the withdrawal of the worn-out banknotes of the corresponding denominations.


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