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The Banco Central de la República Argentina will present tomorrow its new banknote of 20 pesos

The new ticket of $ 20 appears and will be the one with the lowest denomination

It has the figure of a guanaco and will be put into circulation Tuesday 03/10/2017

This week, the Central Bank will put into circulation the new ticket of 20 pesos, which shows the figure of the guanaco in its main face. This, will become the lowest denomination in the market, because the 5 and 10 pesos will not be done anymore, as they will be replaced by coins that will appear in this last quarter of the year. For the same time is expected the appearance of the bill of 1,000 pesos, which will take the figure of the baker.

The presentation of the new ticket will be held this Tuesday, in a public school in Rio Grande, as the city where the animal has greater representation. Meanwhile, on Wednesday they will begin to distribute this ticket in the banks, so that it will gradually begin to reach the public.

The current 20 peso bills, which show the image of Juan Manuel de Rosas and the Vuelta de Obligado, are very deteriorated, as are the 2, 5 and 10 pesos, since the small bills are the ones that deteriorate more Quick.
As the cost of printing each ticket is two pesos, and its useful life of one and a half years, it is better to print coins, which are practically eternal and much cheaper, since for the last five years no more copper has been made that, being a commodity, with the rise of the price could be expensive to do), but of steel with a special coating, that serves so that a vending machine can read it.

In addition to that, the monetary authorities want to put the 1,000 peso bill as soon as possible in circulation, but making a new one is not easy, since it depends on many factors, from security issues that must have the paper to aspects related to logistics.

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