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Myanmar – New 500 kyat banknote

The Central Bank of Myanmar has announced  500-kyat banknotes will be circulated from the banks to public on 21 July.

The obverse side of the banknote depicts National Leader Bogyoke Aung San as the main portrait, and its reverse is printed with the building of Central Bank of Myanmar. The size of the new banknote will have 150 mm in length and 70 mm in width. Its prominent color is red-brown.
The embossing method is used in the printing of the new 500-kyat note, and that the denomination number and the text of Central Bank of Myanmar are highly visible and have a rough texture. The serial number lies horizontally in Myanmar numbers, and vertically in English digits. On the left and right corners of the observe side have the embossed nine short stripes, especially for persons with visual impairment. The watermarks of 500-kyat denomination and Bogyoke Aung San are visible on the left of Bogyoke Aung San at the obverse side when the note is viewed against the light. The security thread lies vertically and its half-length is partially visible. If the red-brown area adjacent to Myanmar text 500-kyat on the right part of the obverse side is viewed from 45 degrees, then the English alphabet CBMs can be seen. The existing 500-kyat note which is in circulation will continue to be a legal tender currency.

Source: Ministry of Information Mynamar

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