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New £20 polymer banknote from Ulster Bank and Bank of Ireland

Three banks of Northern Ireland (Danske Bank, Ulster Bank, Bank of Ireland) presented banknotes in denominations of £ 20.

Ulster Bank has not yet decided on the release date of the polymer banknote.

Ulster Bank 20 pound banknote dated February 22, 2020.

As it became known, from July 20, 2020, Bank of Ireland will put into circulation a 20-pound polymer banknote of 2020. The banknote was introduced by Ian Sheppard, Managing Director of Bank of Ireland.

On the banknote, there is a signature Francesca McDonagh.
The banknote is a continuation of a series of banknotes issued in 2019, in denominations of 5 and 10 pounds. New security features have been added to the new banknote in the form of a transparent window and paint that changes color when the banknote is tilted.
Source: Bonistics

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