Guatemala - Goodbye to the polymer Q5 ticket!

The five quetzales bill will once again be made of cottonsubstrate , as it was before 2008, when the polymer version began to circulate.

The acting president of the Bank of Guatemala (Banguat) confirmed the decision and indicated that the change will be gradual in the next two years.

“This year, the Monetary Board authorized purchases of cotton substrate and we are waiting for a gradual replacement to move the new banknotes,” he said in the conclusion of the Economic Cabinet.

In addition, the president of Banguat, Sergio Recinos, justified the change for reasons of cost and benefit: “It has been observed that the cotton substrate is the most convenient for the country.”

On the other hand, Recinos ruled out that the ticket in that denomination has additional changes, so the current model will remain with the figure of General Justo Rufino Barrios.

Until the Banguat takes the polymer tickets out of circulation permanently, the two can be used interchangeably

Source: soy502

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