Colombia - Elimination of three zeroes to the weight passed its second debate

The legislative project that seeks to eliminate three zeroes to the Colombian peso was approved in the second debate of the House of Representatives.

However, this project is not contemplated in the extraordinary sessions of the Congress, which will go until next July 3, reason why its procedure will be for the next legislative period.

That is to say that the new Congress will be in charge of definitively approving the initiative, which is why the Finance Minister, Mauricio Cárdenas, called for not to let what has already been achieved be lost.

” Hopefully, the next government will not let it sink, because this is making life easier for all Colombians,” said Cardenas.

The senior official also stressed that the project would not have additional costs in the printing of tickets, since “the new family (of paper money) no longer has the three zeros, has in small print the word thousand, which would be erased once approve the project. ” 

This initiative still has two debates in the plenary of the Senate of the Republic to be approved definitively. If this is achieved, the monetary modification would take effect as of January 1, 2020.

Source: rcnradio

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