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Central Bank puts in circulation ticket of RD $ 500.00 pesos for its 70th anniversary

Also presents a commemorative coin of RD $ 70 pesos

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD), in the ambit of celebrating its 70th anniversary, put into circulation the commemorative bill of 500 Dominican pesos, series 2017, which shows among its main changes the isotype with the renewed visual identity of the BCRD (bank tower), printed in ink that changes from golden to green depending on the position of the ticket.

More security

The governor of the BCRD, Héctor Valdez Albizu, explained at the presentation of the new version of the ticket of RD $ 500.00 that the number 70 that appears on the isotype is relative to the years that the institution meets. “It also has a new security thread with a combination of three-dimensional optical effects in the form of circles that also changes from golden to green depending on the position of the ticket,” he said.

Valdez Albizu stressed that “it is the first time in the long history of our monetary sign that a banknote has the isotype (or logo) of the institution, following the trend of other central banks in the world. In this way, from now on and gradually, our banknote family will have the BCRD isotype, a novelty that will help to reinforce the bank’s visual identity and transmit it to our main interest groups and especially the Dominican population, the essence of who we are, our strength, credibility and institutional reputation. ”

He indicated that the 500-peso Dominican banknote, series 2017, retains the remaining elements of the current 500-peso notes that are in circulation, which will maintain their liberating force for the payment of all public and private obligations.

Gold and silver coin

Also on the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the BCRD coined a commemorative coin of 70 Dominican pesos in gold and silver versions. The coin has on its obverse the isotype of the new visual identity of the BCRD, consisting of a representation of the building of fourteen floors that houses the executive and administrative offices of the institution, considered as one of the jewels of modern Dominican architecture, work of the Dominican architect Rafael Calventi, next to the legend ‘LXX Anniversary Central Bank’ and the years ‘1947-2017’.

On the back, the legend ‘Dominican Republic’ is engraved between two points, the inscription ’70 Anniversary of the Central Bank ‘, the Dominican Republic coat of arms, the’ 70 ‘sign and the words’ Dominican Pesos’.

Valdez Albizu expressed his appreciation for the disposition of the Numismatic and Philatelic Committee and the Committee for Printing Banknotes and Coinage of the Central Bank, composed of the Honorable Monetary Board, Vice Governor, Management, and the Cultural, Issue and Custody Departments, Treasury, and Purchasing and Contracting.

He also recognized the people who participated in the design and manufacture of the ticket and the currency, particularly Assistant Deputy General Frank Montaño; the director of the Emission and Custody Department, Miriam Torres; the director of the Cultural Department, Jose Alcántara Almánzar; the deputy director of the Numismatic and Philatelic Museum, Cynthia Goico; the consultant of the Department of Emission and Custody, Wendy Mercedes Núñez; and all the technicians of said department involved in the project.

The event was attended by members of the honorable Monetary Board, César Nicolás Penson and Ramón Núñez Ramírez. Also attended by the Minister of Finance, Donald Guerrero and Superintendent of Pensions, Ramón Contreras.

Also by the BCRD, Deputy Governor, Clarissa de la Rocha de Torres, the manager, Ervin Novas, the comptroller, José Manuel Taveras Lay, Deputy Managers Joel Tejeda and Roberto Pelliccione; directors, consultants, consultants and technicians.

Source: bancentral

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