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Bank of Mongolia releases the commemorative coins today.

This year marks the 95th anniversary of Mongolia’s banking and financial system development. In connection with this, the Bank of Mongolia has enriched its series of memorabilia for the anniversary of the “Bank of Mongolia for 95 years”.

The silver coin has 1 and 5 ounces of 999 specimens, one highlighting the national currency since the People’s Revolution and the other being the first bank in Mongolia, from 1924 to 95 years.

In addition, the Bank of Mongolia has increased its “Twelve Year” coin series by “Thinking of Mongolia” .

The dirt dog named “The Rapture”, released in its first coin, was released “Mongolian bhukh” for the year. The second coin was traded for the year of the fugitive pig, the seventeenth-century seller.The coins depicting the wild chimpanzees of Mongolia, the coins, were weighed in a silver weighed 1 ounces and 999 specimens of 38.61 in diameter.

Source : mongolbank.mn

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