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Venezuela - BCV incorporates a security element into the Bs 100 thousand note

BCV incorporates security element to the Bs 100 thousand bill

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) informs the population that as of this Wednesday, March 14, a version of the 100 thousand bolivars ticket, which incorporates a new security element, enters into circulation in the national territory.

The piece, which will coexist with the current Bs 100 thousand bill, adds a watermark with the new image of the face of the Liberator and the “BCV” electrotype, which are clearly observed in contrast to light.

The incorporation of the new security element in the 100 thousand bolivars bill is done in the context of the strengthening of the monetary cone and is part of the actions of the issuing entity to guarantee the availability of cash for citizens.

Like the rest of the family of tickets, the new specimen can be easily identified by people with visual impairment, through a special brand.










Source : bcv.org.ve

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