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The Czech National Bank - Commemorative banknotes, coins, and Ducats

The Czech National Bank has revealed the dates of issuance for commemorative coins and banknotes for 2021 - 2025. The coins feature motifs of iconic transportation and municipal heritage sites. A coin with a large diameter will represent the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Great Prague. The bank is set to issue ducats for the very first time.

The new dates of issuance signify the important anniversaries in Czech history and various historical sights. The coins are in both silver and gold along with a commemorative banknote.

CNB has been authorized to issue trade coins. Therefore, the ducats will be issued twice within five years. The first, to be released in 2023, commemorates the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovak “Saint Wenceslas” and the second, in 2025, marks the 700th anniversary of the start of mintage of the first Czech gold coins by John of Luxembourg.

The CZK 200 coins have 16 motifs that feature the 100 years of regular broadcasting by Czechoslovak Radio, 150 years since the birth of the artist František Kupka and 900 years since the death of the chronicler Cosmas.

The CZK 500 coins depict the icons of the Czech transportation industry such as the Škoda 498 steam locomotive, the Jawa 250 motorcycle, and the Tatra 603 car.

The CZK 10,000  silver coin pays tribute to the capital city.  The CZK 5,000 gold coins feature ten selected municipal heritage sites. They are Litoměřice, Hradec Králové, Kroměříž, and Štramberk.

The CNB will issue its first-ever banknote this year which bears the portrait of Alois Rasin.  The next note will feature an important financier of the First Republic, Karel Englis, for the year 2020. 

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