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North Korea Publishes Commemorative Coin With Mt. Kumgang as Theme

North Korea has released a commemorative coin that has the folklore about Mt. Kumgang as the theme. This has happened around the time when N.Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered the removal of all South Korean facilities at the mountain resort.

The coin depicts a well-known Korean folktale about a woodcutter and eight fairies and coin was issued on October 23, 2019. Leader Kim Jong-un has asked for an international tourist zone to be built after removing all South Korean facilities. 

The coin is considered as Pyongyang’s determination to develop the mountain resort on its own. The coin is 10 cms in diameter and worth 650 North Korean won. 

The inter-Korean mountain tourism project had been suspended after a South Korean tourist was shot dead. Efforts to save the project was put forward by South Korean but was rejected by North Korea.

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