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New vertical 10 bank note will be in circulation starting November 19, 2018

On November 19 new vertical  10 banknotes will be issued honoring Viola Desmond. Minister Morneau selected Viola Desmond for the new $10 banknote. This note is the first vertically oriented banknote to be issued in Canada. With the issuance of the new $10 Banknote the Bank of Canada has decided to issue new notes every few years rather than issuing all five notes within a short time frame. This will allow in integrating the latest security features each time the note is issued.

The note will feature a new portrait subject and supporting imagery to celebrate more iconic Canadians. The portraits of the former Prime Minister’s William Lyon Mackenzie King and Sir Robert Borden will be replaced by the new portraits of Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John. A Macdonald and the first francophone Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier will be honoured on the higher value banknote. The reigning monarchs will be featured on the $20 denomination.

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