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National Bank introduces in Ukraine 20 hryvnas of a new sample

The National Bank is preparing to launch a 20-hryvnia banknote of a new type in the turnover of Ukraine. Tomorrow, July 17, the regulator will present it to journalists at 11 o’clock, and has already sent out the relevant invitations. The photo of new money is still kept secret. The NBU even refuses to tell if the portrait of the outstanding writer and scholar Ivan Franko remains on the banknote.

Although, most likely, the face of the Ukrainian Twenties will not change. The invitation of the central bank says only about the “updated design and improved protection system” 20-hryvnia sample of 2018. By the way, the national bankers have already trained in the modification of this bill: they issued memorable twenty hryvnias to the 160th anniversary of the writer. They printed a million pieces and sold to people in the directorate of the National Bank for 27 UAH. and 31 UAH. (in souvenir envelopes - more expensive).

The new design for the 20’s was not a big surprise. National bankers several years ago announced their readiness to modernize the cash turnover and increase the protection of Ukrainian money . Two banknotes have already been reissued in the new design. This is 100 and 500 hryvnia, which were launched in circulation in March 2015 and in April 2016, respectively.

As UBR.ua has clarified in the National Bank, tomorrow 20 UAH of a new sample, which were presented tomorrow, will not be immediately launched into the banking system, but will appear there with a delay, presumably from autumn 2018.

Source: ubr.ua

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