Mauritius- Withdrawal of Rs2000 paper banknotes from february 1, 2019.

As Rs 2000 polymer notes are issued against paper banknotes of Rs 2000, ( by Bank of Mauritius) people are informed to exchange the paper bank notes at any commercial bank or branch before 31st of January 2019. Rs 2000 banknotes can be exchanged only through the counter of Bank of Mauritius, which are in circulation after February 1st,2019. When exchanging the paper bank note, they will be required to produce a proof of identity. The permit limit is currently set at Rs 500,000. If the circumstances request, then the customer should provide proof of the source of fund, irrespective of the amount.  The banks will also proceed to a verification of the exchanged or deposited notes. Any fake banknote will be reported to the police.

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