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The Central Bank of Paraguay to Upgrade High Value Banknote Security

The top three high value banknotes of Paraguay have been upgraded by Banco Central del Paraguay(The central bank of Paraguay) with upgraded security threads. The upgraded version of guaraní notes of ₲20,000 belongs to the Series G and the banknotes of ₲50,000 and ₲100,000 belong to I series, hence has a few difference in security measures in the upgraded version.

The ₲50,000 and ₲100,000 notes used use micro-optic security threads as security in the existing version, whereas it will be upgraded with 4mm optically variable along with colour shifting security thread and micro text. This is reported to be printed by Oberthur Technologies.

On the other hand the ₲20,000 banknote which is reported to be printed by Casa de Moneda, Chile,will have UV features in addition to the dual track thread with micro text.

All other look and feel of the above mentioned banknotes will remain the same as of the prior

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