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New £20 banknote issued to commemorative First World War centenary

Since the end of the first world war, the states of Guernsey Treasury is presenting a new version of the£ 20 note to commemorate the 100 years. To celebrate the Anniversary a few changes have been made to the new note. To denote the great war the serial number has a special prefix of TGW. Throughout the front and back of the note, there are multiple poppy motifs like the security hologram shows a poppy together with denomination 20. Around the gold seal, there is a wreath of poppies. A prominent multicoloured image of poppies is on the back of the note. From tomorrow on the commemorative £20 note will begin to circulate which has a limited issue of 500,000 notes. The fourth commemorative banknote to be produced by the State of Guernsey and the first commemorative with changes to both sides of the note.

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