Canadian $10 has won the top prize in an International Banknote competition

The International Banknote Society Award is won by Canada’s Viola Desmond note, beating 15 other banknotes. Over the new currencies issued by Switzerland, Norway, Russia and Solomon Islands the Bank of Canada won the award.  Other than Queen Elizabeth II, Desmond became the first female Canadian to be featured prominently on a banknote. On the back of the $50 Canadian general circulation Banknote, women were featured, which includes a group campaigning for women’s suffrage in the country(2004). The back of the $10 note has the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

According to the organisation, the bold security features are easy to understand and difficult to counterfeit, where they also consider the artistic merit, design, use of colour, contrast, balance and security features of each nominated banknote. In 2016 and 2017 for a 50 franc note and 10 franc note Switzerland won last two years. This year Switzerland made second place with its 200 franc note, followed by Norway’s 500 Kroner note featuring a famous rescue vessel built in 1893.

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