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Bank of Sudan launches a 200-pound banknote (2nd edition)

The Central Bank of Sudan hereby announces to the public that it has offered a denomination of a currency class New from the category of two hundred pounds, the second edition, with the following specifications, colors, and insurance marks:
Paper content: housing and population. Basic paper color is the color yellow watermark: Sakr Jedian number 200 different Sourmbane interface includes number 200 top left and the lowest right rough texture of the paper images of buildings, houses and words (Central Bank of Sudan) and (two hundred Sudanese pounds) Sourhalcamnh CBOS appear when the note is tilted isotope matched image Old lock (tabla) sign for the blind on the left and right of the paper.
The serial number of the paper is on the top right and bottom left of the image (seat) on the right of the paper with variable color inks when the paper has tilted The background of the paper includes an image of residents and a fence sheet.

It is line with the new family of reduced size, of which the denominations of 100 pounds and 500 pounds are already in use.

Source: Kushnews.net

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