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Bank of Latvia issues € 2 commemorative coin.

The Bank of Latvia has decided to issue a € 2 commemorative coin “The Rising Sun” which is dedicated to the history of Latvian National Coat of Arms, in the autumn of 2019. Artist Ansis Cirlis created the design of the sun in 1915, which was reproduced in the roles of the Latvian Riflemen Battalion and in the flag of the 1st Daugavgriva Latvian Rifflemen Battalion. The same theme was used in the first Latvian state postage stamp and interior decorations.

The commemorative coin will feature the sun motif created by the artist Ansis Cirlis, with the help of the artist Ivars Drulls. The circulation is expected to be 300,000 in quality and 7,000 in the Brilliant Uncirculated quality souvenir package.

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