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Uzbekistan: Central Bank released new 100,000-som banknote

On 25th February, new 100,000-som notes were released and brought into circulation by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, which is equal in exchange to the U.S $ 11.90. It is dedicated to the great Uzbek scientist Mirzo Ulugbek and his achievements in astronomy.

The banknotes are printed on a paper-based substrate and have a light brown colour which is dominant with additional blue accents and a multicolour underprint.  The lower left and right halves of the note consists of two- letter Latin alphabet characters followed by a seven digit number. On the front-left of the note, the image of the Uzbek monument to Mirzo Ulugbek is shown. The solar system and six small planets along with stars of various sizes are also depicted. The coat of arms of the Republic of Uzbekistan is located at the upper right corner of the banknote. Towards the right edge of the note a white oval field that includes a watermark of the portrait of Mirzo Ulugbek and also a filigree watermark in the form of the figure 100,000.

The other side depicts Mirzo Ulugbek observatory in detail. On the top left side, the year 2019 is visible, followed by the lines  O’ZBEKISTON RESPUBLIKASI MARKAZIY BANKI. To locate the city of Samarkand, a place indicator is shown along with the outline map of the Republic of Uzbekistan. A vertical holographic strip which appears to be in segments with a thickness of five millimetres wide. The 3D effect is included, where the strip appears to be a solid piece when viewed in light.

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