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The Dominican Republic to Introduce RD$ 1,000 Peso Banknote

The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic(BCRD) has announced that it would circulate a new bill of RD$ 1,000 Dominican pesos of the 2017 series from February 24, 2020. Compared with previous issues, it has distinctive elements that make it stand out. 

The new ticket has isotype with the current visual identity of the BCRD to which the numerical characters with value are integrated which changes the color from green to blue. The notes are printed with optically variable magnetic ink that has a drop effect and creates the illusion of undulating sand. 

The existing banknotes of the same value will continue to circulate and remain as legal tender for all transactions. The banknote is issued under the provisions of the Constitution of the Dominican Republic and the Monetary and Financial Law.

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