The new ₹50 note has got the blues India
India is set to get its first blue-coloured ₹50 notes, after its first pink ₹2,000 notes last year, and the stone-grey ₹500 currency notes introduced in 2016. The freshly designed ₹50 notes will be bear a sketch of Mahatma Gandhi in blackish grey colour tone. Also, the new ₹50 note will sport the motif of more

RBI to Halt Printing of ₹ 2000!! India
Demonetization of ₹1000 and 500 notes was one of the huge economic transformation, Indian economy has ever faced. Though the government came up with the introduction of ₹2000 notes to bridge the gap, the latest news from RBI states that they have currently halted the printing of ₹2000 notes. This step is taken in order to more

The New INR 200 Notes – Everything You Should Know!!! India
After the mess and muddles of the demonetization, the Indian economy is catching up the pace. The quick and unanticipated move from the government calling back the 2 most prominent denominations from the market to check counterfeit and corruption, was one of the most massive financial revolution, India has faced. From households to corporates, everyone more