Madagaskar is on a plan to revamp its banknote structure with introduction of a new series in a few days. The Banque Central de Madagascar has confirmed the introduction of a single note of 20,000 which is highest denomination so far in the country. Along with this, the series will also include, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 more

Armenia Calling Off High Denomination Notes Armenia
The higher denomination notes of the hybrid series will be dropped by the Central Bank of Armenia. The bank is planning to print lower denominations in the new series to come. Many new discussions are being carried out regarding the printing f the new series, like substrate choice, design changes and more serious security measures. more

New Polymer Pound 10 Notes to Be Released This Week England
Here is happy news for the Numismatists around, the new polymer 10 pound notes are all set to release in days. Pound 10 has been the oldest note design in circulation. The newest polymer format, soon after polymer Pound 5 will be unveiled on July 18, 2017. The banknote will feature, Jane Austin, the famous more

The New INR 200 Notes – Everything You Should Know!!! India
After the mess and muddles of the demonetization, the Indian economy is catching up the pace. The quick and unanticipated move from the government calling back the 2 most prominent denominations from the market to check counterfeit and corruption, was one of the most massive financial revolution, India has faced. From households to corporates, everyone more